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Our Firm is pleased to provide Notaries and Commissioner of Oaths Services to Airdrie and the surrounding area.  Although similar, these two services are distinct in a few ways.

A Notary Public can offer the same witness services as a Commissioner of Oaths, however a Commissioner of Oaths is limited in what circumstances that they can provide their services. Often this means that the cost of a Notary Public will be higher than that of a Commissioner of Oaths, which is why it is important to identify if you truly need a Notary Public or if a Commissioner of Oaths will satisfy your requirements (and thus save you money).

For example, some differences between the powers of a Notary and Commissioner of Oaths are as follows:

  • A notary is required for documents being relied upon out of Province or over the national border such as travel letters for minors.
  • A notary can make a certified true copy of a document.
  • A notary can certify that a document has been executed.
  • A notary can attest an oath.
  • A commissioner can witness a signature on a document that is being used within the Province.

When you contact our office to book a notary or commission service please provide our office with the description of the document and an explanation of where and how it will be used so we can ensure that you are scheduled in for the appropriate service (notary or commission).

Contact Benarzi Law today to book an appointment for a signing meeting with one of our Notary Publics or Commissioners of Oaths.

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