Affordable Fee Structure

Access to justice relies on affordability of legal counsel.

Our firm endeavours to work with our clients to determine a fee schedule that suits our clients' individual circumstances.

With some creativity and a realistic approach to the business of law we have found methods in the way we bill to make legal representation affordable. Here are a couple examples of how we try to reduce your legal costs:

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Limited Scope Retainers

Not all aspects of your legal file require a lawyer to perform the work. For example, a client can print and organize their paperwork with only minimal guidance from their lawyer.  By doing this themselves, they save hours of legal billings and conserve resources for more complex aspects of their legal matter.

We work with our clients to divide up the tasks based on their level of comfort and their ability to perform some of the legal steps on their own.

Flat Fees

While legal fees can be costly, we believe they should at least be predictable. Typically, legal fees are charged at an hourly billing rate. Our firm can do the same but we prefer to offer you flat fees for individual tasks in your legal matter.

A significant benefit of the flat fee structure is found in how flat fees affect communication between lawyers and clients. The relationship between a lawyer and a client necessarily requires communication. Instead of fretting over how many minutes of time your lawyer spends on emails and telephone calls, flat fees can allow the communication you need to feel informed.

We have developed our ideas on how to make this process affordable but if you have ideas of your own we would love to work with you in evolving our services to suit your needs.
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