About Benarzi Law

Adam Benarzi and Emma Benarzi are a husband and wife legal team that have blended their practices together to offer Airdrie and the surrounding area their expertise. Together their firm provides a wide range of legal experience to offer their clients. Get to know more about the legal team below.

About Adam

Adam S. Benarzi is a hardworking Airdrie lawyer with a broad range of legal field experience to suit your needs.

For the past 7 years Adam has worked in and grown both his legal practice and experience in Airdrie, Alberta.

As a logical next step in his career, Adam saw the opportunity to expand his practice while fulfilling a need for an experienced lawyer in the South West quadrant of Airdrie. In 2018 he opened the doors to the new offices of Benarzi Law, Barristers and Solicitors in Coopers Crossing.

Adam brings a no-nonsense approach to this Law Firm. As your lawyer, he will want to quickly determine your issues so that he can get to work solving them.

See Reported Decisions

Federal Case: Britz v. Canada

He will fervently and tirelessly work at your legal issues until they are resolved to your satisfaction. Adam respects that your time and your money are important to you and he will always suggest the quickest and least expensive road to resolution.

At the same time, he will use his patience and creativity to craft solutions that are unique to your needs. Adam’s zest for efficient directness has earned him experience in the Civil and Family Courts of Alberta, Court of Appeal as well as the Federal Court of Canada.

When Adam isn’t practising law, he’s planning his next escape. Be sure to ask him about his travels to Portugal, South Korea, Austria, and Vietnam. These are just a few of his latest adventures.

About Emma

Emma’s experience as a general practitioner affords her an ability to work with her clients on a wide range of legal issues.

Emma likes to take a ‘cradle to grave’ approach with her files. She prides herself on being able to represent her clients from the beginning to the end of a file, wherever that may lead. In many cases tensions can be lessened (and money can be saved) with judicious negotiations. It is Emma’s goal to see if there are cost effective ways to address outstanding issues between parties before initiating litigation. Although Emma excels in negotiating on behalf of her clients, she also has the necessary experience to take her clients’ matters to trial. Emma has successfully represented clients in both the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. She has also represented clients in oral evidence trials both in the Provincial Court of Alberta and the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

Emma has run her practice with a focus on Family Law files which has given her experience with high conflict family matters and has familiarized her with Child and Family Services.

Emma was born and raised in Alberta and enjoys exploring her home Province when time allows. When out of the office Emma enjoys travel, hiking and staying connected with friends and family.

Emma's experience in family law gave her the opportunity to expand her advocacy training to include acting as Counsel for Children and she is eager to offer these services to the Airdrie community.
With experience in the Provincial Court of Alberta, Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta, Alberta Court of Appeal and Federal Court our firm can assist you at many judicial levels.
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